This all day event on the steps of the capitol of Raleigh, North Carolina will feature speakers who are experts in parental alienation and family bond obstruction. There will also be lobbying of representatives. Please join us! More information to come.

Co-director Ginger Gentile to speak at April 27th Rally in North Carolina

3 thoughts on “Co-director Ginger Gentile to speak at April 27th Rally in North Carolina

  • April 7, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    Ginger Gentile, you and your teams powerful film statement greatly reveals the repulsive, sad and tragic harm in how the Court system in family law/CPS and other aspects of injustice destroy families lives throughout the world. I’m a Court crime victim turned activist, WB and freedom fighter. I provided website in a statement made on 4/1/16 which was eight years since I subpoenaed ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to a jury trial where I have a fraud ruling against an attorney, the corruption unreal. It was sent to many parties. Mainstream media, government collusion and all cover-ups must end. Please understand NO U.S. Politician truly represents any American. Keep up the great work to restore HUMANITY, RIGHTS, TRUTH & JUSTICE!

  • April 9, 2016 at 5:05 am

    I am beyond grateful for people like Ms. Gentile who has no problem exposing this international epidemic. As an alienated parent who did nothing besides got a divorce I thought my ex-wife would never go this route. She dropped an atomic bomb for the court and I was hit while my back was turned and all it took was one temporary injunction which has turned into 40 months, thanks to the corruption in family courts here in Florida. Not only will I help with this documentary, but I will do whatever Ms. Gentile needs me to do. I now help those that are like me nationally and I will not stop until maybe a judge, lawyer, guardian ad litem and the ridiculous therapists we have here feel our pain. I would like to personal talk to Ms. Gentile or who ever is going to be a part of this film.
    Kindest regards and it makes me happy to at least know that people like Ms. Gentile really have no problem exposing this heinous problem we have. I was threatened not to go public and Univision was going to take my story because of how horrible it really is but I was too scared after I actually heard what will happen to me . My son is held hostage and I feel so powerless. If I act, I will go to jail. If I even think about questioning anyone I will be sanctioned. This is America but is it really? The federal government funds family courts but when you tell them that your constitutional rights are being violated they say that they cannot do anything and it is beyond their jurisdiction (keep in mind the title of the federal agency is DEPT OF JUSTICE for God’s sake. I would like to take a picture with #Erased DAD as well. My entire family of grandparents, aunts, cousins would all like to do one as well.

    Regards and thank you again .

    John C. Oral, MA, CFE, FCLS, CIFI

    • June 15, 2017 at 4:23 pm

      thank you for leaving a comment. I am so glad I found this site.
      My husband is going through the same thing with his ex wife /
      its been 3 years, and she still has all control thanks to the corrupt courts. Who hands over full discretion to a bitter EXWIFE, and allows her to decode when her ex husband and children’s father , more importantly, to see the kids,

      She made it very clear she will do her best to make our lives hell and keep him from being a part of these kids lives.

      we want to go back to court for a MODIFICATION, but we are scared of being let down by the courts.

      how do I get involved here in VA/DC and become a VOICE and STOP THIS?

      please help, ANYONE…

      The Barnes Family


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