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Far From Normal – Episode 4 – With Jay Moss and Bud Veno 

Ginger Gentile grew up on the eastern end of Long Island and moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2002 after graduating from Columbia University in New York City.

In 2007, with Argentine producer Gabriel Balanovsky, she founded San Telmo Productions which provides TV & Film production services for overseas companies that film in South America, including Nat Geo, BBC, ABC, Discovery, HGTV, Warner Bros, Nike, Gatorade, LG Electronics and General Electric.

Since 2015 she splits her time between New York, California and Buenos Aires and is developing new films, including a follow up to “Erasing Dad” called “Erasing Family” which already has more than 4500 followers on Facebook, and will focus on the harm caused to children when they are prevented from seeing their mom or dad after divorce.

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Far From Normal – With Jay Moss and Bud Veno Episode 4

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