Filmmaker Ginger Gentile Aims to Educate and Reunite #Erased Family Members is the feature in StepMom Magazine’s December Issue.

From the article: Our goal is twofold. First, it’s to make a film that encourages young adults who have lost contact with part of their family to reunite, listen to the other side and understand why the courts acted the way they did. Our other goal is to educate society that being an erased parent is not a normal part of divorce. That society, schools and courts encourage this to happen, in the name of profit, and that needs to stop.

Reader Feedback:
“Thank you for [this] update on the topic of parental alienation and the efforts of Ginger Gentile to put it into the mainstream with her documentary films! This is a painful topic for us, we know the impact of parental alienation all too well.” ~ StepMom Magazine Subscriber

“It’s truly a disgrace, and even more disheartening when the kids end up so brainwashed that they don’t know real love when it’s standing right in their face. Well, in our case, several states away. But just because we don’t live next door, doesn’t mean that those who are physically there actually care for you.” ~ Paula via StepMom Magazine’s Facebook Page

StepMom Magazine Feature – Fighting Parental Alienation

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