The Erasing Family Documentary is a film that aims to reunite millions of children with their loving families #erased by the divorce or separation. By sharing your story in video and filling out our survey, you can show how big this problem is and let others know they are not alone.

First, send a video tribute of love and hope to your loved one!

Go to our easy to use platform:

Let them know that you miss them and want to see them. #Erased parents, grandparents, siblings, share your story, make as many videos as you want (one for each child, each family member can make their own). Don’t mention your ex, or explain what happened. Just say how long it has been, what you miss and what you will do when you reunite. 3 minute time limit.

After you record your video tribute, fill out our survey so we can understand your story

This survey will let you share more of your story. You must complete the survey and included waiver for your video to be accepted.

Please share with your friends, family and any others who are being #erased.

Together we will help all families heal and work to make divorce and separation healthier for kids!